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Tandem jump

Several reasons for choosing Tandem jump

Tandem jump is the easiest way how to experience something you have been only dreaming about or you were not sure how to action this “crazy” idea.

You don’t need any course or a medical check up, Simply arrive to the airport at an arranged time and we will look after you. Everybody from 10 to 16 years old can make a tandem jump with their parents permission . All over 16 years need only the wish for the jump.

You will receive a short briefing before the jump and you will be able to experience the same as a skydiver does. The increase of the adrenalin levels during the aircraft flight, wonderful feeling during the exit, the beauty of the freefall with the freedom of a bird, slight chill down your spine during the canopy opening, parachute flying and finally a soft landing back on the firm ground.

Up and jump

Your tandem pilot will explain everything you need to know during a short 15 minute briefing after which you will put on our jumpsuit and a special tandem harness. Rest, our instructors are experienced and well trained and certified used equipment.

Next you and your tandem pilot will board the aircraft, which will climb into a given altitude necessary for the jump (the aircraft flight takes approx. 15 – 20 mins). During climbing your tandem pilot will connect your harness to his and after reaching the correct altitude you will both exit the aircraft. We jump from 3200 m AGL (10000ft). You will be enjoying approximately 40 seconds of freefall at 200km/h (125 mph). At 1500 m (5000ft) your tandem pilot will open the parachute and you will fly for 6 – 8 minutes on the canopy, which you can try streering. Before the landing your tandem pilot will take over the steering and land you softly and safely back onto the ground. After the landing you can enjoy the congratulations from your family and friends. Whole jump, from briefing to landing, can be recorder by a digital camcorder and can be recorded on DVD.

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